Keyboard Firmware Update 1.0

Despite claiming last month that the MacBook Pro keyboard issue was resolved, I suspect it wasn't and that I had just become really good at ignoring it. In any case, I installed the “MacBook, MacBook Pro Keyboard Firmware Update 1.0” today. The bug is specifically mentioned, unlike my wishful thinking last time:
This MacBook and MacBook Pro firmware update addresses an issue where the first key press may be ignored if the computer has been sitting idle. It also addresses some other issues.
To be honest, I think this should have been fixed months ago.


  1. Dude, you shoulda gotten a Dell. You'd be so happy with a real computer! None of that toy stuff that only artists get!

    No wonder you're always complaining, dude! You totally want Windows Vista, all the bugs are fixed and it's smooth!


  2. Vista is the worst Windows OS built. Business wont touch it and I have lost count of the IT professionals I have spoken to that have removed it to revert to XP.

    As for a laptop, the MacBook Pro has been proved to be the fastest Windows laptop. Dell are fine if you want no after sales.


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