I was going to entitle this post “Delivery”, but, as noted elsewhere, the Mac Pro was never delivered, and I had to go pick it up myself.
The guy at the TNT depot (who, frankly, I'm getting to know quite well) pointed out, somewhat sheepishly, that there was some damage to the box en route. Note the gash above the ‘M’:
It was certainly a substantial hole, though I could feel intact polystyrene within the box as I passed several fingers in to check it out.
I hear that Macs are designed by Apple in California these days.
The accessories are bundled into a slim cardboard package that sits atop the foam surrounding the machine itself. As usual, there's a place for everything.
Two pieces of polystyrene complete the minimal packaging. I pulled out the Mac Pro itself, shrouded in one final layer of foam wrapping.
I agreed to something or other as I tore through the rather verbose sticker sealing the machine in foam, put it on my desk, plugged it in and turned it on.


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