Sunday, June 28, 2009

iPod touch as PDA: milestone

This will be of little interest to anyone, other than as a signal that my iPod touch-as-PDA experiment is really working out: I've actually deleted almost all of the music I had been carrying on my iPod touch because I was running out of space for more important things. That is, I no longer really consider it an iPod, or, at least, I don't consider music storage to be its primary function. My entire music collection has nudged over 22G, and with a mere 32G available on the iPod touch, I had been finding it a squeeze to allocate the remaining 10G as I wanted. I have almost 50 applications installed now (many of which are frivolous, but some of which are essential). Between those and my new-found addiction to downloading television episodes from the iTunes Store (just finished season two of The Wire), something had to give. It was the music. The iPod touch is less like a music player and more like a hand-held computer for me.

Monday, June 8, 2009

We have the technology

Just scrolling the Snow Leopard Enhancements and Refinements page, and I'm stopped in my tracks by the first section on Finder:
[When attempting to eject an external disk,] improved dialogs tell you which applications are using the drive so you know what to close in order to safely disconnect your drive.

Wow—you mean we have the technology for that now? Outstanding.

Now, without the sarcasm, I can't believe this qualifies for front page news on Snow Leopard. Mac OS X's error dialogs are regularly woeful, and this kind of sloppy user interface design (telling the user that something is preventing a disk from being removed, but not telling them what) should have been corrected years ago. It's neither an "enhancement", nor a "refinement", it's an "embarrassingly basic user interface deficiency that should have been fixed by now".