MacBook Pro problems: so close, yet so far away

I just couldn't make this stuff up.

About 10 minutes ago, I'd typed half of the following title for this post: ‘MacBook Pro problems: finally "fixed in Leopard"’. And then the MacBook Pro locked up:
Jan 1 20:54:15 ralph kernel[0]: NVChannel(GL): Graphics channel timeout!
I had just checked the uptime for the purposes of the original post: a bit over three days. Anyway, as an update to what is now officially an ongoing saga, here's the current low-down:
  1. The lock-ups continue, though certainly they're currently so infrequent that until just now, I thought they had stopped. The problem seems to be widely reported on the web, yet despite this, my regular Apple Service Centre at Next Byte Glenunga claims to be unaware of the problem. I suppose that might mean they're unaware of any official recognition of a problem, but either way it's useless for me—there's no way that can spell anything other than days, if not weeks, of replication-investigation-repair time. I'm seeing uptimes of 14 days and more, and I can barely remember the lock-up prior to this evening. I'm just going to keep sucking this one up.
  2. I installed the MacBook, MacBook Pro Software Update 1.1 a few days after its release. To be honest, it took me several days to even decide whether it had fixed my dropped-keypress problem, possibly because I had become so used to it over the preceding months. Currently I'm willing to tentatively mark that bug as fixed.
So I'm down to one outstanding issue from an original three. Frankly, for the price of the machine, it's still completely unsatisfactory. It's just don't see a better solution than living with the (fairly infrequent) lock-ups for now.


  1. The problem isn't your Mac, the problem is that Next Byte sucks shit. Stop trying to get your Mac fixed by that bunch of dimwits.

    At a different Apple repair centre, you walk in with your broken laptop, and you walk out with your perfect laptop.

    You have no need to go back to Next Byte, as any Apple repair centre will service your Apple.


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