My name is Paul and I'm an irretrievable Apple fanboy

Recall that yesterday I posted about finally ordering a Mac Pro. The order was placed on Sunday 6 January. Steve posted a reply last night (8 January) pointing out that new models had been released. I didn't see Steve's reply, but noticed the new models independently this morning. They're hard to miss—they're currently being advertised on the front page at both and

There are at least a couple of factors which objectively mitigate my stupidity:
  1. I knew this was going to happen. I knew it was going to happen when I placed the order, and I admitted it yesterday. It's happened to people before, and it will happen again, as long as Apple continue to keep product releases secret ahead of time. But I placed the order anyway because...
  2. I'm not paying for the Mac Pro, and to get reimbursed for it the invoice had to be lodged by Monday 7 January.
These facts provided some minimal level of comfort this morning.

What I'm not so happy about is what happened next. After these initial rationalisations, I stepped it up into full fanboy mode:
  1. "2.8GHz isn't that much faster than 2.6GHz." (Those figures represent the second-to-bottom CPU configuration in the new and old models.) It's a clock speed increase of 7%. But the CPUs are quad-core in the new models, and dual-core in the old models.
  2. Then I left the planet: "At least it won't be a first run version of new hardware that probably got shoved out the door with minimal testing." Yeah, it will just be a box that's obsolete before it's even shipped.
  3. Then I left the solar system: "The new models don't even have a Bluetooth option." That's right, they don't. It's standard.

The story has a happy ending. I managed to reel myself back in. I got my wife to call Apple (the order is in her name), and since the Mac Pro itself hadn't even shipped yet (the monitor has), she simply insisted they cancel the order and she proceeded to read out the new order I had dictated. The ship date has blown out to 2–3 weeks, but there's less damage on my credit card.


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