Two new Macs

Last week, my wife brought home a new 13" MacBook. It's nice—white case, gloss screen. At first glance, the keyboard looks awful (almost reminiscent of a chiclet keyboard from the bad old days), but it's actually quite respectable to use. I've now set up Leopard three times in as many months. It was mostly painless, though Mail seems to spend about 3 uninterruptible minutes "testing the server connection" or something equally as pointless. During a previous setup, I tracked that down to it looking on some bizarre port for either or both of SMTP or IMAP. This time I just ignored it. Something new I tried was hooking her up with a free 60-day trial of (the ridiculously over-priced) .Mac service—having spent some time setting up her account on the MacBook Pro, it seemed like a great use case for the syncing functionality of .Mac. It worked, though I stupidly selected a merge on the first sync when I should have over-written the MacBook with the MacBook Pro. We got there in the end.

In other news, I finally ordered a Mac Pro at the weekend. I'm almost reluctant to talk about it, because I know it will probably be superseded before it's even delivered. The harsh reality of getting someone else to pay for it meant I just couldn't put it off any longer. That's a trade-off I will probably learn to live with.


  1. Bloody hell, you've done it again. Just like last time, you bought a week before Apple announced new products...

    Hopefully you're lucky enough that the sales channel is dry and there aren't any of the old ones available.

    Keep an eye on the blogs around Jan 14th.

  2. Yeah, I knew that would happen. I just pulled up the store page and configured something at about the same level I ordered: slightly faster, twice as many cores, slightly cheaper. Devastating. But there's absolutely nothing I could do about it. It was being paid for by a third party, and I left it to the last possible day to purchase as it was—lodged the invoice on Monday. On Tuesday I wouldn't have got reimbursed. On Wednesday I discover new models. Sigh.


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