PowerBook repairs: Day 5

The technician from Next Byte repairing my PowerBook called this morning. (I think it's good that the guy doing the repairs calls me. Actually, I think it's great that anyone calls me.) They did say when I dropped it off that it would be two business days before anyone could even look at it, so this seems about on the mark. The problem, not surprisingly, is due to two things:
  1. The sensor that tells the PowerBook when the lid is closed has died, or is dying.
  2. The sensor that tells the PowerBook it's overheating has died, or is dying.
Naturally, this leads to lots of inappropriate sleeping, which is just what I'd observed. So, some part which I didn't catch the name of needs to be replaced, presumably housing one or both of those sensors. Apparently, Apple doesn't let its service centres keep parts in stock, so naturally this has to be ordered. At least it's in stock at Apple, though, so best case is that it will be at Next Byte tomorrow morning, and I can pick the PowerBook up tomorrow afternoon. Sounds good.


  1. I had an absolute miserable time getting my ibook fixed a year ago.. took a long time but in the end i got a replacement unit.

    But they definitely won me back the other day. Went in a 10am on friday and ordered a new 8G nano (had only been launched a couple of days prior).. The girl behind the desk said they were expecting some to arrive that afternoon but I was still expecting at least a week or two of waiting right up until she called me at midday. 2 hour turn-around on that job, wow!

  2. I have not heard from Next Byte since the call describing what needed to be replaced. Depending on where the part is coming from, that doesn't seem unreasonable. Having said that, though, I might call them tomorrow. I was sufficiently impressed with the first phone call that I'm just not that worried about it. Yet.


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