Copy and Paste: slightly too intelligent

Here's the setup: I have a web form somewhere which has a field for a user's email address as one of its inputs. After the user hits Submit, the data is mailed to me. I sanity-check the data in the mail, and then select the email address and hit Command-C for copy. The address is added to a mailing list I maintain, and when I'm doing it manually in this way, the next step is to paste this address on the end of a command line in a Terminal window. (Why am I going into excruciating detail? Just to make it clear that the observation coming up is something that affects me just about every day.)

And here's the observation: it doesn't matter whether I select the address and hit Command-C, Control-click on the address and select Copy Link, or Control-click on the address and select Copy, I always get mailto: prepended to the address when I paste it. It's at least mildly irritating, and it seems to me that surely one of those three options for selecting the address could be expected to drop the mailto: prefix.


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