PowerBook repairs: Day 11

I am posting this entry from the PowerBook: it's back. After being pretty impressed with the customer service back on Day 5, I figured that while the next-day delivery estimate was probably optimistic, the part certainly should have arrived by yesterday, and I really should have heard something before today. So at 9.00am this morning, I called. There was a minimum of fuss: the PowerBook was ready, and, in fact, had been ready yesterday. The person I spoke to apologised that no one called me yesterday, and was surprised I didn't receive an email telling me so.

I picked up the PowerBook. It works. The "top case" was replaced, and that cost $A 309.09 ex-GST, with just under $A 70 of labour. Interestingly, the original $A 75 I paid at drop-off time was deducted from the total, and I left paying less than I was expecting. I didn't stop to ask too many questions.


  1. That's correct... the $70 is to have a look, and they'll keep it if there's nothing wrong. If there is something wrong, it's deducted from the cost of repair.

    The purpose is to not have an incurred cost by customers bringing in stuff that works but they just didn't understand what they were doing.


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