Laugh? I nearly cried.

I saw something this afternoon that stopped me dead in my tracks:


OK, it was because I'd just upgraded the entire operating system to 10.4.1, but I had hoped the days of this kind of dialog box were well behind me. (Can I consider myself an ex-Windows user yet, since I haven't touched XP in four days?)

(Oh, and I'm only kidding here—even FreeBSD requires a reboot when you make the world.)


  1. yeah, it's rare but annoying. But it makes up for it in that you just have to wake it from sleep instead of boot every morning or every time I pull it out of my backpack.

    my ibook fighting a bout of insomina:

  2. "toto said...

    yeah, it's rare but annoying"

    Well, for values of "rare" equal to "every few weeks when a point upgrade or security fix comes out", anyway.

  3. LOL! Even then, it's not like you need to reboot every time you install a new device driver. (Some people claim that Windows XP alleviates the need for this, but I've had to reboot XP in recent history for just this reason.) And anyway, it's nice to have a machine that can stay up for a few weeks to make the issue relevant.

  4. Heh. Good point. I was trying to remember when I commented above whether or not every security upgrade does in actual fact require a reboot, but I guess it is a lot easier from Apple's point of view to just make that the case. You would not want your customers getting remote-r00ted because something was still using an old copy of libfoo in memory after the update.

    What I do find annoying is that after installing a security or point update, you have to reboot pretty much striaght away. The prelinking done during the "Optimisation" step tends to b0rk applications (even ones that are still running) pretty badly. Oh well, such is life.


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