iPhone exhaustion

I've spent two weeks trying to buy an iPhone. I've now been to four Telstra Shops, and one Telstra dealer. I've left my name on waiting lists at two of them. Depending on the excitability of the salesdroid, there's either an ‘Australia-wide shortage’ or a ‘worldwide shortage’. In any case, I have no iPhone.

I am seriously considering buying one outright from the online Apple Store. Apparently1, I can do that, upgrade my current GSM SIM2, stay on my current plan, and just pay up-front for some monthly data.3

  1. Of course, I simply cannot reliably find this out. Surely the following is a FAQ: ‘I currently have a Motorola V3. It's post-contract, and while I suspect I am being reamed by my monthly plan, I am mostly satisfied. I would rather gnaw off a limb than try to decipher the quagmire of plans that you offer, so I will probably buy an iPhone outright from Apple. Is it then just a matter of fronting up to a Telstra Shop and asking for a new SIM?’
  2. Again, apparently it's literally a matter of asking for a new 3G SIM to replace my current SIM. I am sceptical.
  3. By which I mean partake in the Festival of Ream.


  1. I seem to recall my iPhone purchasing experience lasted all of five minutes, although I _did_ then have to wait a week for it to be delivered. Which, to be fair, was successfully delivered to me in Brisbane, whilst I was there on a business trip.

    This process did not involve Telstra.

    And relax, you're only being reamed a bit.

  2. I bought an ipod touch a few weeks ago thinking that I'd use it to learn a huge bach mass we have coming. I've not used it at all for that (or any other music). Instead I'm using it to watch iplayer stuff until I fall asleep (something that isn't really practical with a laptop), and I've spent lots of time playing with ocarina and it's useful to be able to get an update of underground outages on my way out the door.

    The dev tools are nice. I'm currently writing something like ocarina but based on the idea of organ stops - so more flexibility with the buttons. Problem - one of the reasons that ocarina would have sold well is that people conceive it as "oh yeah, like in zelda" and then try to play the zelda tune and they can. And for USD1 that's not bad. I haven't thought of a gimmick that can get it recognition like that.

    I'm thirty in about twenty days and working at the 'self made millionaire by the age of 30' between now and then. Of course, I've got a head start of a couple of thousand from all the savings I've accrued over the last ten years. I'll piss it in.


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