iPhone in Australia

Mark Pesce pretty much nails the entire issue with his post entitled iPhail. I'd be interested in picking up an iPhone in a month or two, once the hysteria has died down a little, but as Mark points out, it's basically a Festival Of Ream on 3G data plans in Australia. What I would almost certainly do initially is forgo a data plan at all. With WiFi, I'd have network access at home, at work, and in parts of the city via Internode. I'm not sure I'd be in desperate need of much more than that.


  1. Get an iPod Touch then.

  2. You're the second person to suggest that to me. I quite like the idea of the iPhone having, you know, a phone in it. It's just the data plans that look particularly bad. I assume the voice plans are no worse than what we're already used to.


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