Why does iTunes randomly "update" some tracks?

I connected my iPod to my PC for the first time in maybe a few weeks. I hadn't added anything to my iTunes Library—whenever I do that, I connect the iPod and sync. Despite this, iTunes decided it was necessary to "update" some 1,000 tracks (of about 3,600—not all of them) on the iPod. Why is this? The only thing I had done prior to this was update iTunes to Does this really require the "updating" of a third of my music collection?


  1. I am theorizing, perhaps the play counter or date played information for these songs changed, but not the others? This information is used for smart playlists, so that makes sense in a way. Alternately, it could be that sound check was activated and that was the 1st chance it had to update that info for those 1000 songs, which would be useful info to the ipod... Or, perhaps iTunes acquired the artwork for these tunes in the background using your net connection, and this was being updated?


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