Post-it notes on the OS X desktop

Here's a quick question: is there an OS X equivalent of something like XPostIt for X Windows? Note that:
  • Yes, I had thought of trying to build XPostIt from sources and then running it under X11. Firstly, it simply may not build, and I can't be bothered finding out. Secondly, I want something a little lighter weight than firing up X11 to place post-it notes on the screen.
  • Yes, I know there is a post-it note widget for the Dashboard, and I do use it. Occasionally. To be perfectly honest, I don't use the Dashboard very often. About once a week if I'm curious, I'll look at the local weather forecast. I've got a couple of post-its with things people have borrowed from me. But I just don't hit F12 very often, and I would like to have post-its on the standard desktop.
Update: No more than 10 seconds of Googling lead me straight to /Applications/ Twelve months on, and I'm still a novice.


  1. check this app out... it may be what you're looking for



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