Bluetooth broke

And then it fixed itself.

I was just using iSync to synchronise to my Palm Zire 71 and Motorola V3, as previously detailed elsewhere. The Palm synced as expected. For no apparent reason, the V3 sync over Bluetooth failed. The PowerBook had Bluetooth turned on, and so did the phone. They simply failed to talk. And, in typical Apple fashion, the error reporting in the iSync log failed to shed any light on the problem whatsoever.

Turning Bluetooth off and back on failed to help at both ends of the link. Unfortunately, rebooting the PowerBook did help. How very Windows.


  1. When you can't connect to a wireless network the error message you get is generic and I find this frustrating when trying to work out what's going on. It would be nice if it would tell you how it failed, and would probably mean Apple got more specific bug reports when an error is caused by a fault in what they're doing,

  2. I've torn my hair out over that very issue before. Not only would Apple get more specific bug reports, but people who know what they are doing might be able to debug the situation themselves.


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