iPhone 4S + iOS 6 + E92 BMW M3

I've upgraded my phone and my car since my last post about a quite similar but very specific phone-car combination. Unfortunately, this one isn't about eventually triumphing over my own stupidity, but two observations.
  1. Since upgrading my iPhone 4S to iOS 6, I very occasionally get the following problem. I plug the phone in via a USB cable, select it as the input source, and start a track playing. Despite being plugged into the car, and controlling the device via iDrive, the audio inexplicably plays out of the phone. Unplugging the phone and plugging it back in doesn't seem to help. Stopping and re-starting the car does seem to fix it, though not always. It doesn't seem deterministic at all—I don't know how to make it happen at will, and I don't know how to fix it reliably.
  2. iOS 6 was supposed to bring email and SMS integration with iDrive, among other features. I upgraded the car's Bluetooth software to the latest version available, and yet I get none of the new features. I've set "Show Notifications" to on in the Bluetooth settings for the car on the phone, but under iDrive's "Office" screen, all I get is "Contacts" (which has always been there), not "Current office" or "Messages", where the new features are supposed to appear.


  1. I have exactly the same problem on my 2011 335i and iphone 4S since installing ios6 - audio plays from phone rather than the car speakers. The only solution I've found is to switch the phone off and on again before I plug it in each time.

  2. Does it happen all the time, Nick? Or just sometimes? For me, it's just occasional—maybe one time in 5 or 10.

    And what about the email and message notifications? Any luck getting those in the "Office" menu of iDrive?

  3. It happens all the time for me. Really frustrating especially as Apple do not provide a way of reverting to iOS5 which was working perfectly.

    I've been searching the web daily for a solution but it seems there's lots of problems with both USB and Bluetooth affecting all sorts of audio devices and cars. I guess an update will come from one or other company eventually!

    Regarding Office, apparently SMS works but not email, due ...again... to a bug in iOS6. I haven't tried myself because it sounds kinda clumsy.

    From what I can gather you have delete and re-pair the iPhone to get the additional office menu to appear on iDrive. Then switch iPhone notifications to banner mode and wait for the phone to lock automatically otherwise msgs won't appear on iDrive. Apparently you don't get any audible indicator when a message arrives.

    It really amazes me how two multi-billion dollar companies can make such a mess of something so simple.

  4. You should send a bug report to them

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