AirPrint doesn't like my printer

After hitting the "Check for Update" button, let's say "several" times this month, I finally upgraded iPhone and iPad to iOS 4.2.1. One of the first features I was keen to check out was AirPrint. I don't regularly find myself wanting to print from either device, but when I do, I really do.

My setup couldn't be more Apple: I have a HP Color LaserJet CP2025 connected to a Time Capsule which does the WiFi for the house. Both the iOS devices use the WiFi network when they're at home. I fired up Mail on the iPhone, selected an email, hit Print and tried to select a printer. All I got was a depressing "No printers found." It seems I don't have the right HP printer.

If the facts in that PC Mag article are to be believed, I'm astounded. AirPrint supports ten printers at launch? Not ten brands but ten printers. Clearly over-the-air printing from wireless devices is harder to implement than it would seem. All I want is text most of the time, nothing fancy: an email, a list, some directions. Evidently it's not just a matter of wrapping some boilerplate PostScript or PCL around that and throwing it at the printer. But seriously, Apple, ten printers?


  1. Hear, hear!! I think it is outrageous.

    It is enough for me to want to take my iPad back to the store and ask for a refund. When I bought it, the salesman said that Apple would be 'soon' adding an update to allow printing. Hah!!

    I have three printers on my LAN and the iPad doesn't see any of them.


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