Saturday morning reboots

I woke up to find the power out to the outlets in my office. Noting briefly that I still haven't looked into getting an uninterruptible power supply to allow for graceful shutdowns, I set about booting some machines back up. Hitting power on the Mac Pro brought up what I like to call the Grey Screen Of Death: the familiar Mac booting grey, with nothing else on the screen. No Apple logo, no progress spinner, just grey. (Completing the awesomeness of this was that it was Saturday morning. No chance to even get repairs started for another 48 hours.) I power-cycled again—same result. I don't know what made me think of it, but I disconnected a couple of powered USB disks from their ports. Win: the machine booted. Maybe just a coincidence, but the result was right.

Later, I pulled out my iPhone and hit the power button to wake it up. Nothing happened. I held it down. Nothing happened. I pressed every button in random combinations, and eventually the device woke. The UI was barely responsive: gestures wouldn't register, it would take seconds to return to the home screen, and so on. GeekStat (one-time shameless plug) told me the phone had been up for 21 days. I would have thought it could sustain longer uptimes, but a reboot worked (when I could finally get the UI let me perform one).

Now, on with the weekend.


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