Printer for Mac OS X

Dear Lazyweb,

My HP LaserJet 2200D seems to have died. (It was a great printer. I suspect getting it repaired would cost more than buying something new, though.) Here are my requirements for a new printer:
  • I am a big fan of HP. (I had a DeskJet 500 for years prior to the 2200D.) I probably want a LaserJet or Color LaserJet, though I would be prepared to look at other brands. I'm kind of equivocal about colour.
  • I assume all printers talk USB these days. (I've been out of the market for some time—the 2200D has a parallel port. Remember those?) Built-in Ethernet would be nice, though I can presumably plug it into the USB port on my Time Machine.
  • I want automatic duplexing. This is a hard requirement, and unfortunately I think it puts me out of the ‘home’ category. (What is it with those arbitrary categories?)
I think that covers it. So, what should I buy?

(Oh, why am I asking in a blog post when I know my requirements? Because HP's website, much like every other corporate website these days, is essentially impenetrable. I don't want to have to decide whether I'm ‘personal’, ‘SOHO’ or ‘SMB’—I just want to see your printers. I clicked around for half an hour, came out knowing less than when I went in.)


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