Time Capsule: works for me

I bought a 1TB Time Capsule about a month ago. I guess I never mentioned it, because I plugged it in, pointed three Time Machines at it (MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro), and forgot all about it. It's just been working as designed ever since.

Tim Bray posted a few days ago about his Time Capsule Pain. For what it's worth, I thought I would respond to Tim's observations under his subheading ‘The Bad and the Ugly’:
That sucker runs hot and buzzes; hearing it and touching it makes me nervous about my data.
Mine runs warm (outer case is a little over 40°C). I can barely hear it.
It’s not unobtrusive; you need to keep an eye on the Time Capsule status in your menubar, because if I sleep when it’s running and then try to wake up somewhere else, sometimes I get the eternal beach-ball and thus a forced reboot.
I've definitely never run into that.
A few weeks ago, backups started failing with a useless error message and no other evidence.
I haven't seen that with the Time Capsule, though I have certainly run into some Time Machine failures involving useless error messages.
The other day, my MacBook started crashing every time Time Machine woke up.
Haven't seen it.
Lots of people are reporting lots of other problems, particularly with the “exclude files” options.
I'm excluding some files (or folders) on two of the three machines. No problems.

To summarise, with my three machine-months of Time Capsule experience, I just can't concur with any of Tim's observations. In fact, I basically forgot I had one.


  1. Paul? Is that you?

    Quick, post a whinge... or I'll assume your Mac got stolen!


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