Two issues with Cover Flow in Finder

I like Cover Flow in the Leopard Finder way more than I thought I would. (For one thing, it's enabled me to conclude that I have some crap in ~/Documents.) That said, it exhibits at least two problems:
  1. I have a registered copy of Pages on the system, and yet Cover Flow can't provide me with a preview of the document (nor can Quick Look, for that matter):
  2. What's up with the resolution of some of the icons? The Pages document icon above scales up really well, even beyond the fairly large size at which I took that screenshot. Others, including those for Apple applications such as Safari, really don't fare too well:


  1. Coverflow uses plugins, so you'll see it in Finder as soon as the Pages developers get around to writing a bit of code.

    The Pages developers probably didn't get to find out about Coverflow in Finder until the same time you did.

    WWDC is very well attended by Apple empoyees who also have no idea what Apple is going to be releasing.


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