MacBook Pro problems not "fixed in Leopard"

I've been having ongoing problems with my brand new MacBook Pro. Specifically, I had been hoping that the following two problems would be "fixed in Leopard":
  1. The entire display will occasionally lock up, and input is ignored from mouse and keyboard. Others have reported that their machines still respond to network login requests, so presumably it's UI-subsystem-related. It has been speculated that the driver for the GeForce 8600M GT cards is faulty, but I don't know if this is correct. It was not fixed in Leopard—it has happened at least twice since I upgraded the machine last week.
  2. Keypresses are sporadically ignored for no good reason. I seem to find myself constantly going back to repair sentences with missing letters. I'm not an expert typist, but I'm not that bad either. This problem was not fixed in Leopard.
As I noted previously, I am clearly a fully-fledged Mac fanboy now, in that I have had this machine for a month and haven't returned it yet. Problem is, the downtime (which would presumably extend into several days or longer) would be an enormous productivity hit for me. I've contacted Next Byte at Glenunga (point of purchase, and Apple Service Centre), and they claim to be unaware of either issue in MacBook Pros. (I'm at least slightly incredulous of that claim—both problems seem pretty widely reported on the web.) My thinking was that if they knew about the problems, presumably days could be saved in reproducing and diagnosing them, and working on a fix, and I'd be willing to take it in. Given that they don't, I'm at somewhat of a loss for a plan. In any case, I need the machine for a project this weekend, so I'll start thinking about it again next week.


  1. my Macbook Pro 2.2 8600M GT has also been freezing regularly with "NVChannel(GL): Graphics channel timeout!" as more or less the last entry in the logs.

    Since installing 10.4.11 and the software update 1.2 I went for 10 days without a freeze. (compared to best case 3 days previously) I thought it was fixed, but tonight I used imovie7 for about 30minutes and boom freeze with the NVChannel log message.

    not happy, I don't believe it's a hardware issue Techtool pro doesn't reveal any problems.

  2. I have the same problem. in june when my MBP was new the cycle of freez was one day but the older it gets the lesser it freezes. 2 month later it was about 5 days and now its about 10 days. i have took it 2 times to an apple service point, but they found no problems. I also did the software update but it doesn't gets better.

  3. December 19, 2007 - Apple released a fix for MacBook and MacBook Pro users running Leopard who have experienced intermittent keyboard input issues. The update, for users running Mac OS X 10.5.1, corrects a rare bug that would leave a keyboard inexplicably unresponsive, sometimes for extended periods of time.


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