Upgrading a Mac Pro's memory

This is another one of those "Dear Lazyweb" posts. I'm still thinking about buying a Mac Pro. I think the word "reams" in the following sentence is fairly uncontroversial: Apple reams its customers on RAM. (Apologists note: I know it's cutting edge RAM. I know it has special heat sinks. It's still expensive.) Is it feasible (in Australia) to buy a Mac Pro with the base 1G of RAM, then buy 4G or 8G of third party RAM from, say, Kingston who seem to have a product specifically for the Mac Pro? Can I open a Mac Pro with tools available in this galaxy? Would I be asking for trouble if I made a warranty claim (extended or otherwise) and send in my Mac Pro containing non-Apple-sourced RAM?


  1. Don't bother. Intel are dropping the FB-RAM format, so you should buy a Mac Pro when Intel are back to using DDR RAM.

  2. Sorry, no idea. I read an article saying that Intel were getting their arses kicked by AMD due to the crappy FB-RAM.

    So Intel are planning to move the buffering to the motherboard, keeping the RAS aspects, but moving back to normal RAM.

    I can't find the article, and I suspect that it will be a while due to the motherboard change. So I guess you'll have to unlazy yourself for extra info...

  3. http://macslice.com/2007/09/20/new-mac-pro-lineup-coming-soon/

    rumour site.. (probably as reliable as tasseography)

  4. Thanks for that, monototo—interesting. That site refers to FB-RAM, so I guess I'll have to wait for a real announcement to see whether that's what they'll be shipping with.


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