Apple Mail sounds disappear

Has anyone else noticed this? After using Apple Mail for some period of time (somewhere between hours and days), the sound effects (e.g., the "swoosh" sound after sending a mail) disappear. My Mail is silent. Quitting and restarting Mail brings the sounds back.


  1. Can't say I've ever noticed. Mail's been open since I got back from Melbourne on Friday night, and it's certainly still swooshing.

    So to speak.

  2. Yes me too; happens every time we switch users. Have yet to find a solution other than closing & reopening Mail.

  3. it happened to me this evening
    restarting mail didn't help
    I had mail open for about an hour and none of the 10 messages sent swooshed
    there isn't a setting in Mail Preference I could find to affect the outgoing mail sound, just the incoming mail

  4. Same thing happened to me. No getting the sound back even after restart (MacPro and MacBook Pro) both using Leopard.

  5. Just found your blogpost while googling the exact problem you're talking about -- sounds in Apple Mail disappear periodically. I hadn't noticed that it might be connected with how long the app has been open, but it's true that I do tend to go for days, sometimes weeks, without closing apps or rebooting the machine.

    Just wanted to add another top tip while I'm here: when you do close Mail down, it's a good opportunity to quickly open up a terminal and type:

    sqlite3 ~/Library/Mail/Envelope\ Index vacuum;

    You must do it while Mail is closed, but it makes the application much snappier afterwards.

  6. I have also lost my outgoing swoosh.
    I rebuilt mail, restarted the Mac -- and silence.


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