Mac Pro purchase imminent

Dear Lazyweb,

Last August, I wrote about what were then the new Mac Pros shipping, and, in particular, about a few lingering doubts I had that would prevent me from purchasing one. (Well, to be honest, what was preventing me from purchasing one last August was that I didn't have enough money. Now that I do, there are those lingering doubts.) I've distilled it down to two questions:
  1. Those first Mac Pros shipped seven months ago. I don't know that there have been any changes to the original models since then—are there any rumours about upcoming new models? Have I just missed the actual release of new models?
  2. Will Windows XP run to the hardware's full capabilities under Boot Camp? There were suggestions last August that it wouldn't. Has this been resolved?
They're the two show-stoppers for me: if new models are impending, and if a Mac Pro still won't run Windows XP properly.


  1. Yes, new models are on the way. The dual core Xeons are being replaced with quad core, so the new models will have 8 cores instead of 4.

    So I would wait before buying one. Have another look at the situation when 10.5 comes out.

  2. One thing that's annoying about other OSs on a mac is that the keyboard is different.


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