WEP is working

If my Billion 7402VGP-based WLAN had been up for seven days in my last post, it's now been up for 21. That's by far the longest uptime my WLAN has achieved—good news in the sense that I have not had to power-cycle my router in three weeks, but bad news in the sense that WEP is an inferior security protocol to WPA, and the router claims to support WPA, but clearly doesn't.


  1. Good to hear it's working Paul. Eventually they'll fix the firmware and you can go back to WPA - your Palm won't like it though!

    Hey I got an ipod today - guess I'm on the bandwagon.

  2. Also, I believe that WPA isn't that secure anymore anyway. I recall reading that it has a flaw that allows a malcontent to gain access if they sniff an authentication session between the AP and the client. In that sense it's potentially quicker to exploit than WEP128 where you actually have to sniff a few hours of data to crack the key. I don't think the tools for doing WPA cracking are as widely available yet as WEP cracking though.

  3. "Hey I got an ipod today - guess I'm on the bandwagon."

    Welcome to the bandwagon. All your music are belong to us.

  4. It looks like wireless security is about to become a complete oxymoron anyway. A couple of guys are going to demonstrate taking control of a laptop via it's wifi card drivers by sending malformed packets or some such at the Black Hat Conference soon. (keywords Device Drivers Jon Ellch David Maynor)
    Now we don't even need to worry about encryption - all our wifi, bluetooth, evdo enabled computers are wide open anyway!


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