I was reading a post by Paul Graham about, and I shudder at the thought of using this term, "Web 2.0". The article is interesting. Towards the end, it links to a site called Busmonster. I had never heard of it before, so I checked it out:
Here's a different take on that: Your website is not currently supported by my browser.

The completely hilarious bit is that Graham was praising the site as an example of "hackers ... writing stuff on top of [Google Maps]" in an essay claiming that "Web 2.0" was (partly) about "not dissing users".


  1. Worship alert! [beep beep!]

  2. At least Paul Graham isn't as bad as Joel Spolsky. Every time I read Joel On Software, I feel the need to kick his pompous arse so hard it wraps around his cranium like a cauliflower.

    Now this one:


    is a lot closer to the truth of the matter, far more so than any zillion postings by the self proclaimed experts (who are not masters).

  3. > Worship alert! [beep beep!]

    How could I not make a Paul Graham reference the week after finally meeting you, Steve?

  4. > Your website is not currently supported by my browser.

    Spot on. The whole point of the web is to provide a standard client that accesses all providers. (ct)


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