iTMS Australia: I'll buy that for $1.69

The Australian version of Apple's iTunes Music Store has finally opened. And it's certainly been a long time coming. I'm not going to pretend to be cool enough to know the real reason for the delay—presumably it lies somewhere along the spectrum from recording industry conspiracy to complete incompetence on the part of Apple—but there's no denying it's been a long time coming.

The standard track price is $A 1.69. That's more expensive than the standard track price in the United States at $US 0.99. Today, $A 1.69 is about $US 1.27. But it still seems fairly cheap to me. And I've been waiting for a music sales model like this for quite some time. Sure, I understand the art behind the album concept, but sometimes you're only interested in just one song, and it's not always the one the record company markets as a single. Getting a share of $A 1.69 for a single track is surely better than getting a share of $A 0 because the consumer couldn't justify buying the entire album.


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