iPod: Survives fall from 1 metre

Last night I tried very hard to destroy another iPod. Trying to slip it into its very snug neoprene cover while walking (I really shouldn't multitask), I dropped it from a height of about a metre. The impact might have been less severe if it had hit the carpet on which I was standing, but, of course, there was an object on the floor in the middle of the drop-zone: an LCD monitor I had been meaning to move for days. So, the iPod collided with the plastic base of the monitor. It didn't seem like a critical impact, but the iPod was unresponsive when I picked it up. I sighed, several times, while envisaging another trip to the local Apple Centre, and wondering about the insurance implications of destroying something that was a replacement for something I destroyed previously. However, after a web search to remind me how to perform a hard reset, I managed to return it to life. Nothing broken, nothing lost.


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