iPod returns

I have a new iPod to replace the one I submerged in water a few weeks ago. For a moment I thought that the insurance company had tracked down a 40G monochrome model to replace the one I killed, but I was pleasantly surprised that, evidently, they hadn't:


I notice that Apple is still pretty keen to differentiate design and manufacturing:


I still think that's a bit lame. You've got to admit, though, the packaging is pretty neat:


It starts out as a cube, and folds out to what you see above. Here are the accessories:


I'm glad to see the wall-plug charger, as I've misplaced my original one. What's missing from the photograph above, though? My old 40GB monochrome iPod shipped with a desktop cradle, as well as a FireWire cable. These are now accessories that you can purchase separately—I think this is also lame. Of course, it doesn't affect me, because I have those accessories from my old iPod. But I'd be pretty disappointed to have to go out and buy them separately if I'd just spent the $A 600 to buy a new 60GB colour iPod.


  1. Ah, the sad end of a real man.

    "Hardcore text mode editor using Unix weiner got a Mac and is now reduced to blogging about iPods."

    Look! Shiney case! Bling! Bling! SHINEY! Mmmmggllll.... Shiney...

  2. Here's another one, you slack sod. :)



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