Lots of the cool kids have been talking about rumours of Apple switiching from PowerPC to Intel processors for the Macintosh, and some of the coolest kids have been saying, "I doubt it." For what it's worth (which isn't much, since a month ago I didn't own a Mac and didn't know a Finder from a Spotlight), I was saying, "I doubt it," too, albeit only to myself. But, it seems, it's true.

Here's a prediction: I think this will turn out to be a mistake. While Intel's x86 line has certainly proven to be a very popular microprocessor, having its legacy stretch all the way back to 1978's 8088 is surely going to prove brittle eventually. Consider how the unnaturally long dependence of Microsoft Windows on DOS crippled the former for years on end.

Of course, I have a bad track record in technology predictions. I still remember the first time I read that someone was experimenting with transmitting graphics over HTTP for use in web pages. Using lynx at the time, I still recall wondering, "Who on earth would want to see graphics on a web page?"




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