Wednesday, November 22, 2006

iTunes cover art working as expected

I updated to iTunes the other day, and it seems cover art is now working as expected: all the art I downloaded from the iTunes Store for my pre-existing albums has now been transferred to my iPod, and displays when a track is playing. You will recall this wasn't working with the initial release of iTunes 7. It seems to have been fixed silently, though I will admit I haven't gone looking too far for release notes for this latest point-release.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

X11 on OS X: at least one less bug

Apple released X11 Update 2006 yesterday. Soon after installing X11 on my PowerBook, I noted an annoying bug: when you switched X11 into the foreground using Alt-Tab, none of its actual windows would come with it. That is, you would get the X11 menu bar, but the windows themselves needed to be manually brought to the foreground. X11 Update 2006 has fixed this, albeit 12 months later.

I also noted that Emacs-over-X was disappearing with some obscure X Windows protocol error. I assume this was an issue with Apple's implementation, but I'm not certain. I've certainly never seen it anywhere else. I've had Emacs running over X for about 10 minutes now, and it hasn't died yet. So they may have fixed two bugs.